Advantages of Selling or Trading your Used Car to a Dealership

Used cars are having a big moment in 2021. Due to limited inventory of new cars, used car values have gone through the roof, meaning you may be able to get more for your used vehicle than you ever thought possible. Selling or trading your pre-owned car to a dealership takes away the stress and headaches involved in creating an ad, meeting with strangers and risking non-payment. When you trade-in or sell your used car to Hayward Honda, we make it fast, easy and safe. Plus, you can use your trade-in value for a higher down payment on a new Honda!

Why Sell Your Used Car to a Dealership?

Save on Costs and Time

When you sell a vehicle privately, you have to post an ad on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or other platforms and then field all the calls and emails inquiring about your used car. Not to mention, give strangers your phone and email, information that can get abused easily. You then have to meet with strangers and let them test drive your car. You will also likely need to detail your vehicle, which can cost hundreds of dollars. 

Without a professional mechanic on hand, it can be easy for prospective buyers to under-value your car or demand maintenance be done before buying it. And if it doesn’t work out, you have to start the process all over again.

Selling your vehicle to a dealership essentially takes care of the advertising for you. Plus, dealerships like Hayward Honda will take care of any detailing and reconditioning before putting the car on our lot.

No Need to Pay off Existing Auto Loan

If you are selling a pre-owned vehicle that you still owe money on, you will likely have to pay off the loan in order to get the vehicle title. Many prospective buyers may see this as a red flag and pass on your used car.

At Hayward Honda, our financial experts will work with you to pay off the loan, no matter your credit situation. That way, you can purchase a new car right away or get your money sooner.

Fair Market Value for your Used Car

Market values tend to fluctuate, sometimes wildly, as we have seen in 2021. Selling privately, you will need to research your vehicle’s make and model, as well as its actual condition to formulate an accurate valuation. 

While a free online tool can give you an estimate, it assumes your used car is in pristine condition. Any damage or incidents on your vehicle history report can be accessed by private buyers and used to negotiate a lower price. The time of year can also affect how much private buyers are willing to pay for a used vehicle.

Hayward Honda honors the current fair Kelley Blue Book value for your pre-owned car year-round, and our experienced service technicians can give a more accurate assessment of the current state of your vehicle and its value. 

Guaranteed Payment

A big risk in selling your car privately is non-payment. There are many ways a person can essentially steal your car. Venmo and PayPal payments can get canceled after they get the keys and before you get the transfer. Checks can bounce or be forged, bills can be counterfeit, and you need to be careful to meet in a neutral place. We do not ever recommend meeting with a prospective buyer on your own.

Selling your car to a reputable dealership, like Hayward Honda, means you get guaranteed payment, often the very same day!

Easy Transaction

When you sell or trade your used car to Hayward Honda, we take care of everything, usually in one meeting. You start with a free, instant online Kelley Blue Book valuation, then schedule an appointment for a no-obligation professional appraisal. We will make you an offer on the spot and, if you accept, we can pay you the very same day! Hayward Honda will take care of the DMV paperwork and can pay off any existing auto loan. You choose to leave with a bit more in your wallet or make a nice down payment on a new Honda! It’s fast, easy and completely safe.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Sale

Whether you decide to try to sell your car on your own or choose the safe, easy way with Hayward Honda, it is wise to do a little preparation to ensure you get the most value for your used vehicle.

  • Get a car wash: Clean cars look like they are in better shape and, therefore, worth more!
  • Fix minor issues: Replace old windshield wipers, floor mats, inflate tires, etc.
  • Get an initial valuation: Use Hayward Honda’s free Kelley Blue Book online valuation tool to see the current market value of your vehicle.
  • Write it up: Take note of any accessories you have added, including extra key fobs, new tires, custom work, treatments, etc. These can all drive up your vehicle’s value.
  • Bring paperwork: Be sure to have proof of ownership, insurance, and any maintenance records.

At Hayward Honda, when you sell your car to us, there is never any obligation to buy a car from us. We will give you fair market value, and you choose whether you want to take your payment and go home or use your trade-in value as a down payment. Either way, you will receive the same friendly treatment, assistance with paperwork and a stress-free transaction.

Value your car with a free, instant online KBB quote, then book an appointment for your free, no-obligation professional vehicle appraisal. Then choose to cash out or trade-in and trade-up to a new Honda. Hayward Honda in Hayward, California, looks forward to helping you take advantage of this historically high value used car market!