Consistently… Consistent. The Honda Pilot.

Think of the top athletes, musicians, and movie stars. We expect nothing less than a stellar performance from them, so their consistently impressive accomplishments sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve. You guessed it: we’re going to put the 2022 Honda Pilot into the company of top performers.

The 2022 Honda Pilot Performs!

We can’t claim that the Honda Pilot is “new and exciting”, so we’ll confidently state that it’s “enduring and inspiring”. Consider that the first Honda Pilot was introduced in 2002. That’s two decades ago! For those of us who have been in the San Francisco Bay Area that long, consider the the “Internet” was just getting rolling about then! Yet, over the following 20 years, the Honda Pilot has quietly continued its evolution in terms of styling and technological advancement. So, after that long as one of the top mid-size SUV’s in America, it’s often easier to talk about Honda’s newer models, like the HR-V, redesigned Ridgeline, or the coming 2024 Honda Prologue.

But we want to take a few moments to talk about what makes the Honda Pilot so consistently popular, particularly in Northern California. Well, to begin, it’s a Honda, so it’s affordable, reliable, and a quality product; it exudes legendary Honda value.

It also doesn’t hurt that the Honda Pilot is recommended by Consumer Reports, a respected third-party, relied upon by millions of car shoppers to provide detailed, objective assessments of a particular vehicle.

Specific Features of the Honda Pilot

Let’s talk specifics. The Honda Pilot is so well known and so frequently seen on the roads that we often don’t get many questions about what makes it so popular. This is our chance to share the basics.

Even at the base model Pilot EX-L trim, this SUV offers seating for up to 8, with an optional captain’s chairs configuration that seats 7. It features LED headlights, sunroof, heated mirrors, remote start, proximity keyless entry, push-button ignition, 8-inch touchscreen, 7-speaker sound system, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto compatibility, and 4 USB ports. Pretty impressive for a vehicle that could be called the “sensible choice for smart families”. Clearly, fancier features are available, but the Honda Pilot isn’t trying to call attention to itself. What do most of the people want, most of the time? That’s the question that the Honda Pilot answers, and it answers it at a very affordable price. Starting MSRP is $38,080, a number that compares favorably with the competition.

Step Up and Step Off-Road

If you’re the type of adventurer that may find yourself in less-than-genteel surroundings, you’ll be happy to know that Honda offers the Pilot in a “TrailSport” edition. The 2022 Honda Pilot TrailSport comes standard with AWD (All-Wheel Drive), a suspension list for added ground clearance, and some additional body moulding for off-road circumstances. These are important upgrades and ones that we know are popular with a lot of our Bay Area customers to head to Lake Tahoe or backroad destinations in the Sierra Nevadas.

Nevertheless, the Pilot TrailSport still maintains a relatively low-key demeanor compared with competitors that seem to value form over function. It’s not designed to say “look at me, I’m rugged”… it just quietly provides additional off-road readiness. We like that in an SUV.

Modesty Aside…

We’ve intentionally focused on the features that we feel make the Honda Pilot such a consistently good value. But in fairness to the engineers and designers at Honda, the 2022 Honda Pilot is a very, very attractive car. Its exterior styling is streamlined, yet solid, and definitely gets attention on the road. And it boasts interior refinements made possible by 20 years of experience, surrounding passengers with premium features that might cause some to think they’re traveling in something far more expensive.

Leading Edge Safety

Honda has invested heavily to keep the Honda Pilot relevant in a world of rapidly advancing technology. And no area is as critically important as safety. The 2022 Honda Pilot comes standard with “Honda Sensing”, a suite of safety and driver assist features that make the Pilot both safer and easier to drive. These include Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane Keeping Assist System, Road Departure Mitigation System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Information System, and Cross Traffic Monitoring. If you spend any amount of time in stop-and-go, Bay Area traffic, you’ll love Honda Sensing. Just one more way that the 2022 Honda Pilot often surprises repeat owners who come back to the Pilot for all they loved about their old Pilot, then find new and exciting reasons to choose the 2022 Honda Pilot over other option.

What Do You Want In An SUV?

The 2022 Honda Pilot appeals to the owner who wants an SUV for all the “Sport” and “Utility” features that SUV’s were originally intended to provide. The fact that, over the past two decades, the Honda Pilot has refined itself to offer truly current styling, popular tech-features, and advanced safety and driver assist systems is just a bonus.

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