Lease End Information

How To Avoid Fees When Your Lease Ends

Many people are surprised to find that they’re subject to fees at the end of their lease that could have been avoided with just a bit of planning. If your lease expires in the next few months, let us help you save money, and possibly even make money. Regardless of where you originally leased your car, our Lease Specialists can show you what can be done to avoid unnecessary fees, and they will review all your options so you save the most money. In some cases, they can even help you skip your last few payments.

Hayward Honda Hayward CA

A Free Consultation Will Help You…

  • Avoid fees from excess wear & tear
  • Avoid penalties from excess mileage
  • Explore options to extend or end your lease, or purchase your car
  • Learn how to trade-up to a new Honda for the same or lower payments

Lease End Consultations are free and available to any Honda owner, no matter where you leased your vehicle. If your lease ends within the next six months, it’s best to start talking about your options now.

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