The All-new 2023 Honda HR-V Delivers “Simplicity and Something”

Honda is letting the world know—albeit gradually—about the all-new 2023 Honda HR-V. 

The 2023 Honda HR-V takes everything that made its predecessor a top-seller at Honda for years—namely its functionality and easy-to-use interior features—to a new level with a sporty new look and reborn interior design.   

The all-new Honda HR-V is clean, sporty and expressive with a bold yet elegant new grille, longer hood and sleek roofline. Based on the award-winning 11th generation Honda Civic architecture, the HR-V is larger than its predecessor. It has a longer wheelbase and wider stance while still remaining sporty and personal. 

The all-new 2023 HR-V is the perfect size and offers the space and utility for summer road trips and weekends escapes—if not quick jaunts around the city to get things done. The HR-V delivers utility that is perfect for Bay Area driving.

The new HR-V is equipped with a more responsive engine and a new independent rear suspension. Put simply, the new HR-V is sturdy, punchy and a joy to drive.

The all-new 2023 HR-V’s design exudes a strong sense athleticism and adventure. The HR-V seems like its in perpetual motion with its low, horizontal belt line that begins with and extended hood and continues over the rear fenders. Wide-set LED headlights and taillights, a sculpted hatch and functional tailgate spoiler give the 2023 Honda HR-V an athletic look.

The all-new 2023’s interior is also something to behold. It puts into practice Honda’s new design direction, “Simplicity and Something,” with the “and something” connoting personality, character and beauty. 

Simplicity and Something is not about reducing design to a bare a minimum. It’s about adding a touch of modernity to Honda’s timeless design concepts. It’s about reducing visual noise and realizing functional beauty. It’s about design not calling attention to itself but being in service to people.

The HR-V’s large greenhouse windshield provides excellent visibility enhanced by door-mounted mirrors. Laser-brazing technology delivers a cleaner, classier look and eliminates the need for unattractive roof moldings. The HR-V’s windshield wipers hide under the hood line when not in use.

HR-V’s new premium, high-tech cabin is feature-rich, flexible and functional. The infotainment center retains physical knobs. Icons are easy to recognize even while driving. The navigation structure is simplified with embedded menus. Everything is designed so you can execute frequently used actions quicker and safer. The all-new 2023 Honda HR-V also offers more cargo space, giving Bay Area families more room in the cabin. 

More information about the all-new 2023 Honda HR-V will be released over the coming months with interested customers encouraged to learn more at the Future Cars page on Expressed clearly in the all-new 2023 Honda HR-V.

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